You Halifax Dental Team

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The friendly dentist and team at Gladstone Dental Centre in Halifax will help guide you through each of your appointments. Meet us today!

Staff 1, Halifax Dentist

Geoff Bain | Hygienist

Staff 2, Halifax Dentist

Diane O'Connor | Hygienist

Staff 3, Halifax Dentist

Kristen Honey | Hygienist

Staff 4, Halifax Dentist

Brittani McLean | Dental Assistant

Staff 5, Halifax Dentist

Tina Coolen | Hygienist

Staff 6, Halifax Dentist

Dr. ChynnaRae McLean | Dentist

Staff 7, Halifax Dentist

Charlene Jarvis | Dental Assistant

Staff 8, Halifax Dentist

Tonya Lichty | Hygienist

Dr. Michael Creighan | Dentist

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Visit us at Gladstone Dental Centre today. We make Halifax smile on patient at a time!