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The friendly dental team at Gladstone Dental Centre in Halifax is here to guide the oral health of you and your family.

A big welcome back to Dr. Michael Creighan!

We're growing again... and it's our pleasure to welcome Dr. Michael Creighan back to the Gladstone Dental team. Dr. Creighan has 25 years' experience in all areas of dentistry. He brings with him a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion for his patients. He looks forward to meeting you soon.

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Meet Our Dentists

Staff 1, Halifax Dentist

Dr. Michael Creighan

Staff 4, Halifax Dentist

Dr. Mo Atwi

Meet Our Dental Support Team

Staff 5, Halifax Dentist

Heather Swales

Staff 5, Halifax Dentist

Tiffany Kirkwood

Staff 7, Halifax Dentist

Esmeralda Manubay
Dental Assistant

Staff 7, Halifax Dentist

Lisa-Jane Turnbull
Area Manager

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