Tooth Extractions in Halifax

The dentists at Gladstone Dental Centre offer both general extractions and wisdom teeth extractions for patients in Halifax who require a tooth removal procedure.

General Tooth Extraction

Why might a tooth extraction be necessary?

A patient may need a tooth removed if their tooth is infected or the surrounding bone is damaged or causing you discomfort. Since tooth removal is not the most ideal option for teeth, our dentists will be sure to consult with you to determine whether or not an extraction is necessary

What happens during a tooth extraction procedure?

The extraction procedure will begin with local anesthetic to freeze the area during your appointment.

Our dentists will then use dental tools to loosen the tooth from its socket. Once it is loosened, the dentist can remove it from your mouth.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

When is it necessary to remove a wisdom tooth?

Many times wisdom teeth are removed because they are affecting your jaw, gums and/or teeth in the surrounding area. Your wisdom teeth may also be impacted which means they are unable to fully erupt. This can lead to bacteria and food getting trapped in that area which causes decay, infection and pain.

When should I get my wisdom teeth extracted?

Since every patient is different we ask that you please consult your dentist if your wisdom teeth are causing you discomfort. Your dentist will be able to recommend a treatment plan for your smile.

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